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Fridge Brilliance!!

  • Darth Malgus/Veradun is clearly intended to be an Expy of Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. Despite existing nearly three-thousand years apart, their similarities are striking.

    • They both wear respirator suits? Check.

      • Were both forced into those suits after suffering defeat at the hands of a trained Jedi? Check.
      • Though it is important to note that, while Vader has to wear his mask with the respirator full-time to survive, Malgus is able to survive for a short time without it. This is shown in the novel when he temporarily removes his respirator to passionately kiss Eleena.

    • Both joined the dark side expand their Force powers along with the intent to rule the galaxy? Check.

    • Neither of them taken seriously by their colleagues? Check.

      • Anakin had it the hardest as he wasn't taken seriously, neither by the Jedi, nor by some of the Imperial higher ups.

    • Both have a woman they love who also acts as their Morality Chain? Check.

      • Both killed their love interests which tipped them even further towards the dark side? Check.

      • Again, it should be noted that while Malgus killed Eleena in order to seal his loyalty to the dark side, Anakin/Vader accidently killed Padme when his intention to turn to the dark side was to save her from death.