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Fridge / Blades in the Dark

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Werewolves are considered classic Gothic monsters nowadays, so why doesn't Blades feature anything like them, despite including ghosts, vampires, demons, and even zombies? This is because werewolves are not actually "classic Gothic", being a very late introduction to the genre (in 1933 or 1941, depending on how you count). Furthermore, their thematic origin was the cultural anxiety caused by Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in 1859 and its blurring of the line between human and animal. Akoros doesn't seem to have any such figure — nor any reason for one to appear, since the setting makes it quite clear that humans and other types of animals are very distinct in that the former leave behind ghosts upon death, while the latter don't. In other words, lycanthropy is neither a Necessary Weasel for Gothic, nor a good fit for the specific setting of Duskwall.


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