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  • Fridge Horror: One of the neutral endings in Coma (surprisingly, since it isn't even supposed to be the worst ending). You wake up in your bedroom with someone knocking on your door insistently and repeatedly. Then the game ends. Considering that in your dreams, you have just been playing a literal Angel of Death... and some people seemed to be unwilling to die... why would people be knocking on your door? Have you been sleepwalking and... doing something else?
    • Also in Coma, if you break the doll on the bridge, a newspaper in the hospital will say "Broken Childhood Dream! The situation is getting worse and worse". What exactly does this doll represent, and why is it so suspiciosly human-like? On a related note - why are there no children in the dreamworld except for the boy (who seems relatively of age)? Do little children not dream? Or do they manifest as dolls like this one?

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