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Fridge Brilliance

  • Cooperating with Al-Samad in the Ruins causes most of the soldiers there to be replaced with VCI grunts. The Al-Samad cell in Rome is a catspaw for Marburg in the first place, as you've probably figured out if you've been paying attention to the plot. Of course word will get to him that you've been manipulating the Al-Samad cell.
  • During the Rome final mission, to save Madison, you have to go to the West Wing (left). To disarm the bombs, you have to go to the East Wing (right). In other words, saving Madison is the Suave decision, going after the bombs is the Professional decision.
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  • While Brayko's line referring to Thorton as the "(expletive) offspring of Ronald Reagan and the (expletive) American Ninja" is always funny, it makes more sense that he'd say something like that when you remember that he is after all, a fan of American 80's pop-culture.
  • Scarlet Lake, intrepid photojournalist. Willing to run as many stories exposing major Halbech scandals as you can email to her. But given that you are personally acquainted with just how extreme Halbech's overkill can get when trying to hush up one scandal, how on Earth is she living long enough to publish all of them? Well, it probably helps that journalist is only her day job, and her night job is "master assassin." Also in that Halbech needs her to live long enough to at least finish the Taipei assassination they hired her for.
    • One wonders if she even runs the stories in the first place, or if she instead covers them up as part of her job for Habech. She could have even been sent to meet him for this purpose, as a means to prevent any information from reaching the true media. Then again, she despises Halbech, and there's nothing they would do to stop her since she's the one who's going to get rid of Sung for them.
  • In Taipei, who's the one who sent you the faulty information about who's trying to assassinate Sung? The Triads. But where are they getting THEIR information from? Steven Heck. Note that Leland knows about Steven Heck even though Heck is not listed as an agent on any payroll. It's entirely likely that Heck was hired by Halbech to sow misinformation during the Taipei mission to let the real assassin run free. There's even been a Shrug of God about this.
    • Heck even says that he thought Michael knew Scarlet was the assassin, and just wanted to boink her in spite of it. "I thought it was pretty classy of you." Hehe.
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  • The character editor is so limited because it is in fact Michael putting on a simple disguise of changing his hair, putting in contacts, etc.
  • While it seems to be an odd glitch when playing as Veteran, the initial PDA scene in which the image of Mina is switched to the gelato man from the NSA listening post is actually a clue to Mina's true allegiance. She is still with the NSA and is spying on Alpha Protocol. It is also a sign that she is not who she appears to be and shouldn't totally be trusted. While she is the most friendly and helpful member of Alpha Protocol, she is also the one that betrays Mike in Saudi Arabia, setting him up to go after Halbech.

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