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    CSP Uniforms 

  • This is a minor thing, but why are Omen Deng's CSP agents wearing full uniforms with helmets in broad daylight in Taipei? The only reason I can think of is that they're masquerading as Taiwanese Security Forces in riot gear.
    • If you're referring to the last mission, the park was closed to the public so there wasn't any reason to be discreet. The helmets are probably part of the reason why they're resistant to flashbangs.
    • On a related note, Deng has some nerve chiding Thorton for failing to blend in with the crowds in the subway system because of his armor, when Deng himself is wandering around the capital of Taiwan in a full People's Liberation Army dress uniform. To quote Lisa Vito: "Oh, yeah. You blend."
    • In Deng's defence, he's wearing a Badass Longcoat.
    • Actually, Deng's cape simply has the hanzi for "police" on it; in fact, the particular hanzi he's wearing (警察) are specifically NOT used for police officers from mainland China (where 公安 is preferred), but *are* used by police in the Republic of China. (Btw, the CSP are a fictitious organization (unlike, say, the PRC's Ministry of State Security); their dossier 'logo' is indeed just "police".) He's also wearing a cap with the symbol of the Taiwanese National Police Agency on it. So actually, Deng has a pretty decent disguise on - he's just dressed as a (Badass Longcoat) Taiwanese police officer!


    Execution vs Missile 

  • Why does Shaheed being executed and Shaheed dying in the missile strike result in different outcomes for Al-Samad? As far as Al-Samad knows, there should be no difference - Shaheed is dead, and (compared with the first opportunity to execute him) he died at the same time (so Shaheed's lieutenants should act just the same regardless of how he died), yet the news-report in the credit has Al-Samad splintering into competing cells if Shaheed was executed, but has Shaheed taking credit for a bombing in the West Bank if he was not.
    • It appears to simply be a bug.
    • I assumed that the airstrike blew Shaheed into tiny pieces, so Al-Samad are using Never Found the Body as an excuse to remain hopeful. If you execute him, they probably do find a body, which causes them to split with grief.
    • Wait, what? The missiles don't kill Shaheed; he can appear later on if he's spared.

    Wangs on statues 

  • Why is the fact Marburg's statues have visible wangs apparently a clear sign of his homosexuality? Isn't the wang-ness just a Greek/Roman aesthetic thing?
    • It's not really a 'clear' sign. Mike might just be prejudiced or uncultured, and Madison's comment isn't clear whether or not she knows about Marburg's sexual orientation or is just prejudiced too.
    • Yeah, Madison speculates, but it's never clear whether he is actually homosexual or just likes the art style. The statues themselves don't indicate anything on their own (Mike, for example, just asks about Marburg's taste in artwork with no indications of what he thinks), and Madison bases her speculation more on the fact that Marburg's never entertained any women in her history as his employee. Note that none of your other handlers insinuate anything about Marburg being homosexual, not even SIE. So, the statues are definitely not a "clear sign" of his orientation at all.

    G 22 and the embassy 

  • Why does Albatross have G22 attack the embassy if you don't select him as your handler? SIE attacking could possibly be some crazy act of jealousy, but Albatross has no reason to - in fact, attacking the embassy would run contrary to G22's goals, as it would be a destabilizing force in global politics and Albatross said they want to avoid things like that so monitoring global politics is easier.
    • Possibly they got wind of Mike's attack and were worried that without them in charge he would create a worse problem then them attacking would.

    Girls in the end 

  • During the last stage of Alpha Protocol, I managed to run into SIE, Scarlet and Mina, all of whom assisted me for a time while going through the base. So how come in the ending, only one of them (usually Mina) is in the boat with me? Come to think of it, SIE, Scarlet and Mina waiting for Michael would either be a Crowning Moment of Awesome or Awkward all by itself.
    • They likely all have their own means of getting away from the facility on their own. They certainly had some means of getting there on their own, particularly G22, and Scarlet is able to slip out of the base on her own if you don't rescue her personally. It's just that whoever you were in a relationship with will be waiting for you on that boat specifically if they survive. Remember that you're going for the boat specifically to prevent Westridge/Leland from getting away, but that doesn't mean it's the only way out.
    • Good point. Still, I like the thought of ALL the ladies Mike Romanced waiting for him on the same boat. If there ever was a time to choose your Dialog Options carefully, now would be it.
    • Forget about surviving a world wide conspiracy. Worry about surviving the next 10 seconds against an Axe(Machine Gun)Crazy Blood Knight, a Cold Sniper, and a Deep Cover Agent.
    • At the ending of Metal Gear Solid, one can either leave with Otacon since Meryl is dead, or with Meryl, whereupon Snake notes that Otacon can find his own way out.
    • Probably so the game doesn't have to juggle all of their opinions on you, as well as your handler (I always go with Heck, because... he's Steven Heck).

    G 22 uniforms 

  • You know, I absolutely love the G22 uniforms. They've got this kickass cyberpunk/special forces getup going on, with those bitching helmets, goggles, and jumpsuits. It looks really cool and sinister. Except these guys are secret and covert agents. Begoggled special forces tromping around snow-covered Moscow in bright red suits or openly patrolling on the rooftops and loading docks of a Taipei warehouse in broad daylight (with a helicopter!) does not help your covert organization, guys!
    • Considering that Sis tried to kill Mike after confirming their mission was accomplished, eliminating evidence and witnesses is probably a given.
    • Also, their distinctive look actually HELPS disguise them in the long run. By regularly changing their "look", they can abandon old identities and continue operations under another alias, like the game's various secret organizations actually.
    • Well, considering they are masked, fully clothed AND they use voice-changing equipment, recognizing a plainclothes G22 operative is almost impossible and the only times we can see them in Moscow is either on the yacht on a river or during an assault, so there's no need to stay inconspicuous. And in Taiwan, seeing armed people in weird uniforms is seemingly nothing unusual - you can just go into a hotel room or take a subway in Interceptor armor without pedestrians looking at you funny.
    • They're also probably better at stealth than anyone but Mike and Omen Deng.


    Golf joke 

  • Did I just miss it, or is there never an option to make a golf joke at Albatross's expense?
    • It probably would be a very, very bad idea.

    Assassin reveal 

  • Why, in my playthrough, was Mike surprised when Scarlet revealed herself as the would-be-assassin when Omen Deng had already told him this nearly an hour before?
    • The surprise may be from her willingness to share her secret with him. Its not everyday someone tells you something about themselves that could end in 20 to life in a Supermax Prison or firing squad.

    Sung's body armor 

  • Why does Sung only wear body armor if you warn him about the assassination? I mean, why not take caution, if he's the president he should be wearing some at every meeting he goes to for safety.
    • He says this outright when you talk to him. If he wears armor, it makes him look weak and frightened. He won't don any armor unless there's a credible threat.
    • Surely he could simply wear it under his clothes?
    • And? If he wears armor and word gets out he wore armor, it would make him look weak.
    • He also doesn't have Technical Aptitude at 9, so he doesn't have comfortable, lightweight armor built into his business suit.
    • It would make him look prepared, since he still got shot.
    • Or it would make him look weak and frightened. Public image is everything in certain parts of the world, Sung is no exception to this.

    Sedated people for Alpha Protocol 

  • If they sedate everyone who goes to Alpha Protocol, what about the driver/pilots who bring those people in? Wouldn't they know where the Greybox was?
    • Relay. One driver transports the agent to location X, another picks them up there, and then brings them to location Y, and then another picks them up there and brings them to the base. An email from Westridge to Darcy notes that it takes at least two days to transport any agent to the AP facility, not counting downtime while they recover and wake up after transit. There's probably a couple of drivers who are extremely well-trusted who know the location of the base, but all of the agents who operate out in the field are deliberately kept in the dark for operational security.
    • I might be remembering it incorrectly, but I thought the completed Alpha Protocol dossier answers this by explaining that the support staff is indeed aware of where the facility is located, but doesn't know what it is for. Actually since Halbech built the darn thing, they probably just have their own employees shuttle everyone around.

    Final location 

  • At the end of the game, Mike may say: "I don't even know where here is.", indicating that he really has no clue as to where he is. Also, its a big ocean and a fairly small boat. Why the heck did he even try to leave and risk getting stranded out at sea? It wouldn't have taken that much of an effort to find some navigational tools before trying to leave.
    • Unless G22, SIE, or Heck teleported there, they know where the base is located and how to get there. One phone call is all it takes.
    • Did Mike have a phone or other com system?
    • He has his PDA, which counts for something.
    • Unless everyone who was giving him information during the mission was doing so via telepathy, yes, he does.
    • Even if he can't get in contact with his handler for the mission, it seems unlikely that a boat that fancy wouldn't have a GPS system.



  • It just hit me how strange it is that the president of Taiwan is named "Ronald".
    • Western names have filtered quite extensively into the naming conventions of East Asia, as an offshoot of Western control of much of China during the 19th century. It is very, very common for people to be named something like "Johnny Chen" or such.
    • Part of the reason is that its quite normal for a Chinese person to have at least 2 Names. One "official" Westernized Name to put on official forms and such, and another to use with friends/family or other Chinese people, even more "secret" names are for varying reasons. This is mainly for convenience. For example, expecting the average westerner to be able to pronounce and remember the name Chang Kai Shek, is not as easy as the name Charlie Chang.
    • Not so strange. The real life current Vice President of Taiwan is named Vincent Siew.

    Evidence from subordinates 

  • President Sung will only believe Mike about the assassination plot if Mike can show him hard evidence of it. And where did Mike get that evidence from? Omen Deng. And who does Omen Deng work for? President Sung. So why doesn't President Sung already know about the plot? Wouldn't Deng have told him?
    • Deng is, officially, CSP. Any CSP agent directly (or indirectly) contacting Sung about the plot would set off all kinds of flags. Also keep in mind that all the evidence Deng had about the plot came from two sources: one, compromised sources implicating Mike Thorton himself as the assassin, and two, the data on the thumbdrive that Mike stole. So, beyond vague information that Mike might be the assassin Deng has no actual evidence of the plot and cannot contact Sung directly lest his status as a mole in the CSP be discovered.

    Scarlet finding information on that assassination 

  • Scarlet has been hired to assassinate Sung but agrees to help Mike when he tells her he's trying to stop it or find information about the assassin. Why would she agree to actively make her job harder? It's not like it would be unreasonable or a break of cover to simply say no. He's asking her to get involved in some crazy shit and for all he knows she's just a photojournalist.
    • So she can help redirect the target to Deng and mislead the investigation in general. Being inside Mike's team lets her determine whether or not Mike is onto the real assassin or if he's chasing ghosts.
    • Scarlet isn't at all loyal to Halbech. She doesn't have any percentage in whether Halbech's plan succeeds, all she's got to do is get the drop on Ronald Sung and pull the trigger. If the plan falls apart because someone else in Halbech dropped the ball, it's no skin off her nose. And it's not like anyone in Taiwan (except Heck, who's not a threat) knows that she's the assassin. What does she have to lose?


  • There's a stat for how many orphans you created, based on the amount of people you kill. EVERY time you kill someone you create 2-4 orphans, I believe. Is EVERY SINGLE ENEMY you face a single parent of MULTIPLE children? After all, they wouldn't be orphans if the mother was still alive, right?
    • It's actually more clever than that. The enemies in Saudi Arabia have lots of kids, because people there tend to have lots of kids. Most other enemies have 1-2. The Chinese have 1 each fitting the one child policy, while Albatross' super-secret agents have no family at all.

    Secret agent 

  • How are Scarlet and Madison not surprised at all that Mike is a secret agent that is going to infiltrate and hotel/ancient ruins? I mean Scarlet could have an excuse (what with her being an assassin on Halbech's payroll) but she doesn't even feign being it. And as far as Madison know when meeting Thorton, Mike is just some guy that her boss wants killed and that she try to warn.
    • Madison does express doubt and insecurities during a few scenes (including her romance).

    Ally or Data 

  • During the assault on Brayko's mansion, Mike is forced to choose between rescuing his captured ally from Brayko or retrieving the Halbech data from the vault. But why can't you just save the ally first, then go get the data? There's no mention that the data is going to be erased or anything like that, so your ally is the only one in danger. To make matters worse, playing on Veteran mode lets you do both, but makes you secure the data first, leaving your ally to get tortured for even longer.
    • Beyond the bonus AP you can use to bump skills for special scenes, the only impact the veteran background ever has on dialogue is Michael showing off his experience. It's possible that the reason a non-veteran doesn't get the option to save both is just because he's too inexperienced to think he can; he can go through this exact kind of situation up to twice before, without any third option, so if we say Moscow is canonically the last of the three ops that makes a veteran The Determinator deciding to not let Brayko bullshit him like Halbech and Marburg did, while a non-veteran resigns to the false dichotomy and, just like in the other ops, believes he isn't skilled enough to do both.
    • Having seven ranks in the Sabotage skill gives you the option to do both by giving your handler the idea of creating a diversion by messing with the security systems to distract Brayko and buy you time to get the data and save Albatross/SIE.

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