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Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Spiritomb [#442]

Notable Biology

Spiritomb (scientific name Lemures maledicus) is an unusual Ghost-type Pokémon that resembles a simple, tapered cylinder of rock, known as the Keystone; two small, circular impressions and a large crack form a face set in a perpetual frown. From this stone projects a swirling vortex of unidentified purple plasma. It is at the heart of this vortex that the creature’s face is located, a green mass made up of two eyes with spiral-shaped pupils and a fanged mouth, all of which are interconnected; similarly green orbs of various sizes and luminance orbit the face near the perimeter of the vortex.

In ancient times, Spiritomb was believed to have been the conglomeration of one-hundred and eight malevolent souls, sealed within the Keystone in order to punish them and deny them absolution in the afterlife. This only succeeded in creating a composite entity from these souls, with a hive mind of one-hundred and eight distinct personae and all the original souls’ powers combined, and it took an elaborate ritual and the willing sacrifice of a Buddhist monk in order to bind Spiritomb more thoroughly to the Keystones. Now all Spiritomb lie inert within their Keystones, waiting to be discovered and their bonds shattered that they may unleash their terrible powers upon the world once more.


While the mechanisms which bind Spiritomb to the Keystone are not fully understood, it is known that one can awaken a Spiritomb by bringing it to a place of immense religious significance, the Hallowed Tower of Sinnoh’s Route 209 being one such location. Then, one must return to where they originally located the Keystone and speak a total of thirty-two times to any number of people while there; when they return to the hallowed place, Spiritomb will have been awakened, and can now be battled and captured. If one approaches the Keystone before the ritual has been completed, they will hear an unearthly voice chanting the following passage repeatedly in a dry whisper:

Sparrat’tum. That’s the only name you’ll hear. Sparrat’tum. It means the end and the death. Sparrat’tum. We are Sparrat’tum. Sparrat’tum is all around you. Sparrat’tum is the beast beside you. Sparrat’tum shall gnaw on your bones. Look out! Sparrat’tum is here.



In their inert forms, Spiritomb can occasionally be found throughout Sinnoh; active ones in the wild have also been observed within deep caverns by miners. Their keystones can also be found hidden in forests and small towns, such as Twinleaf Town. Some keystones have also turned up in Unova, usually sold in the antique shops of Join Avenue.


While Spiritomb has been observed eating berries like some other species of Pokémon, it is perfectly capable of surviving without sustenance. It is possible that they can also eat souls of others to add to their mass.


Unlike most Pokémon, Spiritomb in general seem actively malevolent, and will attack those who summon them for little or no reason. Defeating one is no easy task, for it only has a weakness to the Fairy type; furthermore, like most so-called “Ghost” Pokémon it can render itself intangible at will, making it difficult if not impossible for physical attacks to damage it, and the constant activity of its one-hundred and eight minds generates a potent field of mental static which renders it immune to psionic attacks. Fortunately, Pokemon with an impressive degree of forsight or the ability to track creatures by scent will be able to predict when Spiritomb will become tangible, and take advantage of this fact to exploit its weakness to Aura and other fighting-type abilities.

Unlike Sableye, which shares Spiritomb’s distinctive lack of type disadvantages, Spiritomb is far less agile and far more durable. It can take a truly stupendous amount of punishment before it will even consider fleeing, and the creature can also turn the tables with a number of underhanded and unusual abilities in battle, from distracting a foe and attacking them while their attention is elsewhere, to dazzling them with a confusing display of light, and even extending the length of its own shadow through which it can slash at its enemy with umbral claws. It has also displayed the capacity for hypnosis, whereby it makes its opponents fall asleep by forcing them to stare deeply into its spiralling eyes, and the ability to project beams of some form of dark energy which not only inflict serious pain on enemies, but also causes them to cower as they are overcome with horrible emotions and sensations.


A popular urban legend states that Spiritomb will call out to their Trainers in their sleep, filling their dreams with promises of wealth and power if they release the Pokémon from their ownership. The Trainer will then awaken to find the Pokéball containing Spiritomb lying on their chest; if they resist this temptation and put the Pokéball away, the Spiritomb will serve them faithfully and never offer such power again, but if they set Spiritomb free, the Pokémon will then steal their soul and absorb it into itself, leaving the Trainer’s body a mindless husk that will eventually die from starvation or exposure. While this rumour has never actually been confirmed, enough trainers of Spiritomb disappear under unexplained circumstances every year to lend credence to this theory. [Trainer's note: if your Spiritomb begins to whisper to you in your dreams, give its Pokeball a sound whack with a rock; this will calm it down rapidly].

Courting and Childrearing

While it would seem impossible to do, Spiritomb are able to reproduce. Spiritomb reproduce by using their dark powers to create the odd Keystones they inhabit. Once they find a suitable mate, the two combine their powers and draw souls into the keystone. After this unusual ceremony takes place Spiritomb hide the Keystone, either underground or around small towns. Why exactly two of opposite gender need to be present, and why they hide the keystone and they leave their offspring alone is unknown at this point.

Social Structure

Apart from the components of their hive minds, Spiritomb are solitary and antisocial creatures, coming together only to mate.

Some can be brought out of this unsocial state by trainers who catch them and survive their offers of power, changing their attitude greatly at times.


There are females and males, most likely depending on the amount of female and male souls the spiritomb has amoung its 108.

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