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A rather geeky contributer to the site that has gone under many an alias. In his spare time he loves to draw creatures, Heros, and Villains; Starting with his first hero, A superman spoof Super Duper who, while heroic, has a terrible judge of character. He has thought of many, many, many, many, MANY ideas ever since, from a villain training academy, to personifications of emotion escaping their creator, to an unofficial crossover with the Angry Video Game Nerd, and members of That Guy With The Glasses called "Defending the Fourth Wall". Many of his ideas spawned from video games he has played, or from drawings he has has drawn in the past but never made a story for. a little crazy and wierd best descibe him, but due to recent events, he has become more and more of a worrywart, haveing conflicting emotions, and has doubts about his future dream to be a part of Nintendo or Disney as a character designer.


A bit clumsy, but creative, King Ghost also has a page on Deviantart under the name "EB-the-GAMER"


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