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Absol (scientific name Panthera antecursor) is a leonine Pokémon with navy blue skin and shockingly white fur. Both sexes of this species possess a curious mane in the shape of a long beard, while the fur on the top of its head resembles a magatama, for reasons that evolutionary Pokébiologists can only guess at. Curiously, its feline face is devoid of fur, leaving its blue skin and red eyes exposed for all to see; a single horn, bearing an uncanny resemblance to a sickle, sprouts from the right temporal lobe. Absol’s legs each possess three talons and a pointed spur jutting from the rear of the tarsus or ulna, and its tail resembles the blade of a scythe.


Notable Biology

As with most feline Pokémon, Absol possesses a refined, gyroscopic inner ear that allows it to reorient itself in midair and land on its feet, as well as excellent night vision. In addition, its horn is lined with a number of aerokinetic cells that allow it to stimulate air currents when swung. The species is also notable for its incredible longevity, with captive specimens documented as living for well over one hundred years.

Most impressive of all, however, is Absol’s tactile sense; fine enough to detect subtle shifts and eddies in the atmosphere or faint vibrations in the lithosphere from across the globe, Absol’s incredibly refined sense of touch allows it limited precognition regarding the onset of natural disasters. In the past, when the species was both more numerous and more altruistic, they would often run into towns or villages in large prides and attempt to warn the inhabitants of impending destruction; however, as they frequently arrived too late to prevent these disasters — and because of their somewhat threatening appearance and frequent attacks on livestock — the popular misconception that Absol actually cause natural disasters became widespread, and they were hunted nearly to extinction. Now Absol is considered a Critically Endangered species of Pokémon, and Trainers who successfully capture one are required to either turn them over to a Pokémon preserve, such as the Safari Zone, or fill out a small mountain of legal waivers signifying that they are not endangering the Absol or themselves by training it.



When the species was more robust and approachable, Absol ranged across the temperate climes of Hoenn and Johto, serving as apex predators; now, they are primarily confined to the mountainous regions and forests far away from people, where they eke out a living as ambush predators. Some have been found in the proximity of Mount Coronet in Sinnoh. Recently, a small number were found in Unova's Giant Chasm. This population is rumored to have been drawn there by the meteor which created the area.


Like most big cats, Absol are entirely carnivorous, and they are not picky in regards to their food; anything, even humans, is fair game if it can be taken down. Depending on the exact location of their territory, the staple of their diet will either be Stantler, Heracross, Quilava, Buneary, or even Charmeleon.


As a result of frequent human attacks, Absol are extremely leery of people, turning and fleeing if one gets too close. If cornered, however, they are vicious fighters whose talons are sharp enough to rend solid rock, and the blade projecting from their head can easily bifurcate a human being with a single cut. Furthermore, if one attacks an Absol, sees that it is too strong to deal with, and attempts to flee, the creature will exploit this opening and chase its opponent down until one or the other can run no more, and the creature is not above resorting to questionable tactics in order to win a fight.

Finally, as with most Dark-type Pokémon, Absol projects a strange mental “haze” which renders it immune to telepathy or psionic attack, and while it is vulnerable to Fighting-types, Absol can counter this with potent psychokinetic abilities of its own.


Courting and Childrearing


Social Structure

It's often thought that Absol were once pride animals, with one alpha male leading several females and their offspring, similar to other large felines. However, with Absol's vastly depleted numbers, social interactions are found only in captive environments. In captivity, Absol mate surprisingly quickly, but have very long pregnancy periods, leading to a slow recovery of the species. In lieu of multiple adult females, both parents will hunt for food for the litter, and have been seen hunting in almost every area of the reserve for the choicest prey. After the offspring have reached maturity, the males will be forced out of the sire Absol's territory (which might take up the entire reserve, requiring their removal entirely) while the females stay and aid the dame's next litter in hunting.

Written by Sullen Frog, with contribution to the Social Structure section by 0blivionmobile.

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