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Drinking Game / Push

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For a movie about psychic powers, people sure do end up innebriated a lot. Here's one for you nerds.

Take a swig when...

  • Anyone drinks or smokes
  • Carver yells
  • Nick messes up Moving
  • Nick moves successfully
  • Kira is referred to as special
  • Cassie's vision changes
  • Screamers scream
  • Shades shade
  • The Pop Family appears
  • Division tracks someone down
  • Anyone mentions China or Hing Kong
  • Psychic on psychic fights (1 per scene)
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  • Anyone is pushed
  • A major plot revelation happens (can be a chaser)
  • Carver acts smug
  • Anyone gets Wiped

Finish your drink when...

  • Cassie gets drunk
  • Nick wins the wins a fight
  • The team is assembled

Take a shot when...

  • Someone underestimates Nick or Cassie (warning be responsible)
  • When Nick wins
  • Nick has The Plan
  • When Kira notices the Push


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