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Drinking Game / Jonathan Creek

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Drinking game for JonathanCreek:

  • Drink every time someone dies in an apparently locked room.
  • Drink every time Jonathan realises something but doesn't let on yet.
  • Drink every time Maddy is shown with food.
  • Drink every time Adam is seen with a woman. Bonus drink for multiple different women in the same episode.
  • Drink every time Jonathan doesn't want to be involved with a new case.
  • Drink every time Adam makes a fool of himself or is made a fool of.
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  • Drink every time Jonathan freaks out over Maddys driving skills, or driving practices.
  • Drink every time Maddy mentions how terribly her writing career is going.
  • Drink every time Maddy lies, exaggerates, or acts like she's meant to be somewhere she isn't. Bonus shot if Jonathan believes her, goes along with it and only realises once it's too late.
  • Drink every time either of them meet a new love interest who turns out to have a weird secret and is never heard of outside their episode.


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