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Drinking Game / Doctor Who TVM "The TV Movie"

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Drinking game for Doctor Who TVM "The TV Movie":

  • Drink every time you see a clock.
  • Drink every time someone says "two hearts" or "thirteen lives".
  • Drink every time someone implies the Doctor is half-human.
  • Drink every time someone obviously says something just so it can be included in the trailer.
  • Drink every time San Francisco starts to look a lot like Vancouver.
  • Whenever sparks fly off the TARDIS console , drink (this applies to the new series as well.).
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  • Drain your glass whenever anyone makes a reference to the fact that it is the 31st of December, 1999.
  • Take sips while chanting "CGI snake" when the CGI snake version of The Master appears.
  • Drink every time Christ-esque imagery appears onscreen.
  • Drink for each thing that's gratuitously different from the Classic series (The Doctor's biology, The Master's snakeness, the TARDIS interior)
  • Drink continuously during the climax whenever the Master appears and the ham overwhelms you.
  • Take a shot if the Doctor offers someone a jellybaby.
  • Take a shot whenever a plot element that will have to be retconned in the Expanded Universe is introduced.
  • Drink every time a Time Lord is a Large Ham (you may have to skip the Eye of Harmony scene, unless you want to visit Grace in the hospital).

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