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Drinking Game / Cortex Command

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This is a Drinking Game for Cortex Command. This may make the game even funnier.

  • If you accidentally kill something other than yourself while trying to drive a vehicle, take a shot.
  • If you kill an enemy with the crate from a shipment, take a shot.
  • If the physics save the life of one of your troops, take a shot.
  • If you kill an enemy with a digger, take a sip. Take a shot if you just went on a rampage.
  • If you accidentally dig through a wall of the enemy's bunker, take a shot.
  • If you kill a hanging brain with the shovel, take a shot.
    • If done right after killing the rest of the base in that fashion, drink half the bottle.
  • If you lose the current battle but are laughing your ass off, take 3 shots.
  • If the RPC murders and entire troop by accident, take a drink.
  • If you manage to kill an enemy with a unit with only one arm left, take a sip. If you kill more, take a shot for each.
    • If you manage to kill an enemy without any limbs left, take a shot. if you kill more than one, take a drink for each.

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