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In A World Where magic was outlawed after a string of accidents with Magitek, the world is plunged into Schizo Tech: though electric lights are common, most work done by previously magically-augmented machines is now done by hand. The Langsdams, Vera and Gasbet, act as closely-monitored electrical consultants, moonlighting as magic consultants. Vera is a talented Witch, an expert with making potions and weaving spells, whereas Gasbet is an Enchanter of metal. They live a peaceful, if secretive, life—until their friend Maudlin "Molly" Fausse shows up, breathless and missing a hand, followed by the police, who search for a seemingly non-existent woman, only recorded as a client of the Langsdams, wanted for use of magic to damage property: Molly herself. Molly takes refuge with the Langsdams, who hide her in their secret library of magical texts and tombs.Of course, it's a lot more complicated; as Molly quests for her identity, Gasbet's resentments pile up as the investigation threatens to send them all to jail for use of magic, and Vera gets lost in a spell she cannot weave.


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