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Farallon is the name of a fantasy world created by Nomic. So far he's just been designing the setting and hasn't actually written any stories set on it. Farallon is a fairly typical fantasy world with humans, elfs, goblins, etc. However there are some differences. In the past the elves had a highly advanced Magitek civilisation (in a world where magic is normally quite low-powered) created by drawing power from the Void, a place outside the oniverse that contains very powerful magic (and might be the source of all magic. Unfortunately th abuse of this power weakened the fabric of reality, causing a devastating cataclysm and bringing horrible beings from outside the universe to the mortal world. The elves were able to stop the world from being destroyed, but at a great cost, and some believe the world is still slowly dying. Many people search the ruins of the ancient elven cities for artifacts of immense power, and monsters (called Voidspawn or Aberrations) still roam the lands, threathening civilisation. Basically it's a pretty typical fantasy world but instead of dragons you have black skinless lizard-things that can hang upside down in midair and gribly things composed of oozing masses of tentacles and pseudopods.


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