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Founded in 2012, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment has had a great first five years—making shows like JourneyQuest, The Gamers, Rude Mechanical, Masters Of The Metaverse, and our upcoming feature film Attacking the Darkness.

And now we have big plans for the future, in partnership with Dead Gentlemen Productions and Hyper RPG!

Their site can be found at Zombie Orpheus.

Notable Works Include:

  • The Gamers: The original short film that started The Gamers series follows a group of gamers playing a game (the name of the game is never actually mentioned, but it's Dungeons & Dragons) as they are about to face the final villain in the campaign.

  • JourneyQuest: A group of adventurers is sent to claim the Sword of Fighting from the Temple of All Dooms so they can defeat The Wicked Kings.

  • Masters Of The Metaverse: In Partner with Hyper RPG a weekly comedy livestream where YOU direct the action. The party is compelled and coerced into a secret program - one that sends them hurdling through space and time, and forced into the bodies of strangers.

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