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Sun Moon Games are an Indie Game Development Team with the team of currently eleven based around the world, mainly in Australia, America and the United Kingdom. The games they produce are generally released as Freeware, and made using publicly available development engines. Their main focus is RPGs, but as of 2011 they've started to dabble in Visual Novels as well.

The team officially began in November 2009 when work on Eternia began, however Eternia wasn't released until January 2011, and the other games have been released after (and one a bit before) that. The actual origin of the team is when two people started a Pokemon fangame project, 'Sunshine and Moonlight Versions'. The team of seven at that point took the name Sun Moon Games from the names of the two games, but the project was discontinued just under a year later. One of the two went on to eventually create Eternia, starting the Sun Moon Games we have today.


You can visit their official website here, their Newsblog here, and their Facebook page here

Games released:

  • Eternia
  • NeoRPG
  • Rebuild of Final Fantasy (A project by SMG's founder for a High School Certificate course. A 'Demo Build' was made for the presentation. There's no plans for a full version of the game at this time.)
  • Carlito: The Game

Games under development:

  • Korol
  • Moji Haikei Route
  • Timelines
  • The Kurai Project
  • Ransei Project


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