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Apochedgie and Randomtalkingbush (abbreviated as RTB) two well-known names in the Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker community, not so much for videos (although they do a few of those!), but for the content they provide. Name something, and they've either ported it or are in the process of porting it. Yeah, these guys work their butts off for their community, and their handiwork has been used quite a bit in a variety of ways.


One recent endeavor is that Apochedgie now has a [ Patreon] and [ streams weekly on Fridays] as a part of it. His donors gain early access to most model content and as such, quite a few have donated. Some of the games Apoc has streamed include, but are not limited to:



  • Action Duo: Apoc and RTB, mainly. Bumped up to trio with their third brother, Shadz.
    • Sometimes their local friend, Arctic will join in.
    • Lucian, another friend, might also join in on the action, either as a viewer, or in their Mumble channel. He also does model porting.

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