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This is a list of the characters from the The Fourth of July, they are classified according to their relationship to the protagonis, others and status.


  • Sharon Elizabeth Marie Carter: Sharon Carter, Alias "Agent 13", the great-niece of Director Margaret Carter, one of the best spies and the former companion of Captain America. Former Agent of SHIELD and now working for the CIA.

  • Steven Grant Rogers: Steve Rogers, "The Captain America", "The Man Out of Time" who faced an alien invasion after being 70 years on the ice. Former Agent of SHIELD and Avenger (Close Friend and Ally of Sharon Carter).

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  • Natalia Alianovna Romanoff: Natasha Romanoff, "The Black Widow", the former Russian spy from the Red Room who joined SHIELD and became one of his most lethal agents. Former Agent of SHIELD and Avenger (Close Friend and Ally of Sharon Carter).

  • Samuel Thomas Wilson: Sam Wilson,"The Falcon", a former United States Air Force pararescue airman who lost his wingman and best friend in combat. Now he is helping Steve Rogers to find "Bucky Barnes" (Close Friend and Ally of Sharon Carter).

  • Margaret Elizabeth Carter: Peggy Carter, One of the founders of SHIELD and one of the first most prominent female agents in the history. The old former love interest of Steve Rogers ( Great Aunt and Counselor of Sharon Carter)

  • Catherine Rosamie Reyes: Catherine Reyes, a graduate of Columbia Law School, currently working in the Office of Legal Counsel in the UN. (Best Friend from childhood of Sharon Carter).

    • Jessie William Stromberg: A new and expert surgeon, and boyfriend, now husband of Catherine Reyes (Friend of Sharon Carter).

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  • James Buchanan Barnes: Bucky Barnes, the Best Friend of Steve Rogers who was believed dead at the end of World War II, transformed into the deadly assassin "The Winter Soldier" by Hydra. He is currently looking over his past and escaping the public eye. (Former enemy and situational ally of Sharon Carter).

Sharon's Family and descendants of the "Howling Commandos"

  • Daniel Andre Sousa: Sharon's Great Uncle, veteran and an old "SSR" Agent who met Peggy Carter and married her. Died at the age of 83.

    • Jillian O'Connor (née Sousa): Daniel and Peggy's Daughter, an ambassador in the United Kingdom.
    • Gerard O'Connor: Jillian's Husband, a French poet.
    • Mona O' Connor: Their Daughter.

  • Michael Allen Carter: The Lost Brother of Peggy declared KIA but he was in cover jobs in the decade of the 40. He died at 50 in an accident in the English Channel with his wife.

    • Marjorie Felicity Carter: Michael's Wife, she died in an accident with his husband. They had two kids.

  • Harrison Carter: Michael's Son and Father of Sharon. A Professor of Literature. Raised by Peggy and Daniel
    • Amanda Carter (née Reynolds): Harrison's Wife and Mother of Sharon. An Interior Designer.
    • Brody Carter: The Family's Dog. An English Springer Spaniel.

  • Judy Martin (née Carter): Michael's Daughter and Aunt of Sharon. A Neurosurgeon. Raised by Peggy and Daniel.
    • Frank Martin:Judy's Husband.

  • Greer Martin: Judy's Daughter and Cousin of Sharon, an agent of the CIA.
    • Cara Hobbs (née Martin): Greer's Sister.
    • Elliot Hobbs: Cara's Husband.
    • Daphne Hobbs: Greer's niece and Goddaughter of Sharon. Daughter of Cara.
    • Wyatt and Ryder Hobbs: Twins and younger brothers of Daphne.

  • Antoine Triplett: Trip, the "Cousin" of Sharon, former colleague and friend. Descendant of a Howling Commando.
    • Nathaniel Triplett: Trip's Father.
    • Josiah Triplett: Trip's younger brother.

  • Kevin Morita: The Director of a High School in Queens. He looks exactly like Jim Morita.

  • Charlie Jones: A descendant of a Howling Commando. Companion of drinks with Trip and Dean.

  • Dean Nguyen : A descendant of a Howling Commando. Companion of drinks with Trip and Charlie.

  • Anne Walker (née Dougan): The propietary of a ski lodge where the Legacies of the Commandos pass the Christmas.

  • A lot of great grandchildren

SHIELD and Other Agents (Some Hydra)

  • Nicholas Joseph Fury: Nick Fury, a friend from always of the Carters and the former Director of the most big Apparatus of Intelligence in the world. Now on the run, thought dead.

  • Maria Hill: The former Deputy Director of SHIELD and right hand of Fury. Currently working in Stark Industries.

  • Clinton Francis Barton: Clint Barton, Alias Hawkeye, a Former Agent of SHIELD and Avenger, the Best Friend of Natasha Romanoff.

  • Alexander Goodwin Pierce: The Former Undersecretary of SHIELD and the toppest head of Hydra. Killed at the Battle of the Triskelion.

  • Brock Rumlow: The Commander of STRIKE and a secret Hydra agent. Former colleague of the Captain America and the Agent 13. Now on the run after waking up from a coma.
    • Jack Rollins: The Right Hand of Rumlow. A secret Hydra Agent.

  • Neal Tapper: A veteran Agent of SHIELD and former FWB and Boyfriend of Sharon Carter. Hydra agent, killed at the Battle of the Triskelion.

  • Jasper Sitwell: A Level 7 Agent of SHIELD and secret Hydra Agent. Killed by the Winter Soldier.

  • Jacqueline Helm: The "Agent 29", Alias "Kate", the undercover agent who was spying Stever Rogers acting like his neighbor.

  • Briar Rose Toussaint: "Bri" was a Level 1 agent, partner/friend with Kate Bishop and the former apprentince of Sharon. Now is traveling around the world.

  • Kate Bishop: A excepcional archer and friend of Bri, the former apprentince of Clint Barton.

  • Dwigh Rollin Stanford: A SO and former colleague of Sharon.

  • Cameron Klein: A SHIELD agent and the one who was on the control room of Project: Insight.

  • Zenaye Oukri: One of the best doctors in SHIELD, attends in medical in the Triskelion.

  • Eloise Abbot: A psychiatrist in SHIELD, she monitorises the process of adaptation of Steve Rogers.

  • Cornelius Jackson: A Professor at Howard University, he teaches History and Culture to Steve Rogers.

  • Quentin Philips: "Q", a young genius of SHIELD and inventor, Big Fan of the Captain America.

  • Sir Warwick Pemberton: Alias "The Admiral", the best Taskmaster in SHIELD and the Boss of Quentin.

  • Melinda May: "The Calvary", a former field agent and the one who trained Sharon on her Academy Days.

  • Victoria Hand: A high ranked agent with a look like ice.

  • John Garrett: The Former CEO of Trip, and the Agent of Hydra called "The Clairvoyant"

  • Dan Monroe: The Former Partner of Trip, a real Agent of SHIELD who died in the Battle of the Triskelion.

  • Bobbi Morse: A current agent.

  • Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons: Fitz-Simmons, an engineer and a biochemistry, geniuses behind the construction of many tools in SHIELD.


  • Isadore Cohen: "Izzy"" is a field agent who ironically hates the field. A current friend of Sharon.

  • Antonia Serrano: A field agent and the girlfriend of Greer Martin.

  • G.W Bridge: A long career CIA agent and the new SO of Sharon.

  • Miss Ramsey: A High ranked CIA agent and the Director of Crimes and Narcotics.

Others and Criminals

  • Anthony Edward Stark: The playboy, philanthropist, and multimillionaire Tony Stark who become "Iron Man" and Avenger, and loves makes uncomfortable to Steve.

  • Thor Odinson: The God of Thunder and the looks of the girls and current Avenger.

  • James Rupert Rhodes: "Rhodey" the Best Friend of Iron Man, a coronel in the USA army and the hero "War Machine" slash "Iron patriot" sometimes.

  • Virginia Potts: "Pepper" Pots, the current couple of Iron Man and CEO of Stark Industries.

  • Dum-E and U: The helpers robots of Tony Stark.

  • Douglas Birely: The Dr. Birely a former geneticist with Stage III Melanoma which one was looking for a cure with bats and turn mad.

  • Candon Bayar: The Dr. Bayar was one of the missions of Sharon, who thought to believe chasing a criminal. It turns out that he was going to cure the cancer and then became a target of Hydra.

  • Brian Braddock: The Agent of the MI-5 who worked with Sharon and Steve to catch a terrorist on November 5th in England.

  • Ross Horton: A former lieutenant of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, now a terrorist.

  • Matthew Ellis: The current president of the United States of America.

  • The Mandarín: A terrorist who used a very dangerous virus called "Extremis" and nearlied kills Tony Stark.

  • Robert Ralston: A senator from Texas who had problems with terrorists.
    • Evangeline Ralston: Senator's Wife.
    • Lydia Ralston: The Daughter of the senator who was kidnapped.

  • Gregson Gilbert: A Doctor who created an evil Dragon-Robot.

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