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Characters / Suikoden IV

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Character sheet for Suikoden IV. All spoilers are unmarked. For Jeane, Viki, Leknaat and Ted see Suikoden Recurring Characters.

  • Razril (The Hero/Lazlo, Snowe, Jewel, Keneth, Paula, Tal, Glen, Katarina, Chiepoo, Ameria, Basil, Frederica, Funghi, Gretchen, Karl, Konrad, Vincent Vingerhut)
  • Kingdom of Obel (Lino En Kuldes, Flare, Queen of Obel, Setsu, Desmond, Louise, Chadli, Tov, Rakgi, Rikie, Haruto, Nico, Pablo, Ornan, Dr. Yu, Cedric, Manu, Gary and Ema, Nabokov, Noah, Trishtan, Carrie, Wendel, Rachel, Travis)
  • Other Major Islands
    • Middleport 
    • Iluya 
    • Nay 
    • Na-Nal 
  • Other Islands and Miscellaneous characters
    • Nest of Pirates 
    • Hermitage Island 
    • Mordo, Donut and Deserted Island 
    • Mermaids 
    • Others 
  • The Kooluk Empire (The Governor of El-Eal, Troy, Colton, Helmut, The Final Boss, Graham Cray, Ramada, Akaghi, Mizuki, Kate, Maxine)


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