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It's who we are.
Doesn't matter if we've gone too far.
-Who We Are, Imagine Dragons

This page is an index of characters in the My Superhero Series. Beware of spoilers in these pages. For a quick list view see below:

The Party

    Joined in Year One 
  • Samuel Aster Everett/Arctic
  • Mikael Freisch/Memento
  • Mahvash Matten Mattiuza
  • Rebecca Raleigh/Pollutrix note 

    Joined in Crisis of Infinite Reboots 

  • Vivian
  • Zach Hirshbaum note 
  • Ellie note 
  • Sally Martel (Mecha-Girl)
  • Ryuu Fuuji (Green Dragon)
  • Dante Precossini (Carnival Prince) note 
  • Aster note 
  • Vandes "Van" Tepes note 
  • Finn Acker (Other-Sider)
  • Martin Snow
  • Peregrine "Perry" Alastor (Stray)
  • Iona Bassano (Hecate) note 
  • Iuvem


    Joined in University 
  • Mason Bridges
  • Jumping Bean
  • Holiday
  • Cole Streiss

    Joined in City 
  • Renée Raleigh
  • Marisa
  • Emily Blackburn note 

Bus Passengers

    Boarded in MSA 
  • Hei Lin
  • Lucien Bright
  • Lucy Livingston/Inkwell
  • Mitchell Wedell/Miss Ball the Seal
  • Adrian Erickson/Dr. Dissonance
  • Alexandra Dmitrievna Glukovich/Automaton Omega
  • Andrew Hansen
  • Liam Eckart
  • Mike Barnes/The Champion
  • Oliver Greene
  • Remix ("Edgar De Meijer")
  • Rosalinda Martinez Garcia
  • Victor Eh-Ah Shird/Lord Shird
  • Victoria Richter/Break Girl

    Boarded in MSA Crisis of Infinite Reboots 
  • Noah
  • Iris Langley (Sightseer)
  • Jacqueline Leslie Bates (Ash Phoenix)
  • Hunter Ivan Alexander-Armstrong
  • Joshua "Jo-Jo" Eldritch (Sol)
  • Hong Jian
  • Oliver Wilson
  • Top
  • Karl von Aschemund
  • Jack (Arcana)
  • Felicity Shepherd (Fluffy)
  • Alex Collins (Yin-Yang)
  • Dawn Victoria (Gaghiel)

     Boarded in MSU 
  • Ever Green
  • Shane Calston
  • Clay Cole
  • Evelyn
  • Wren
  • Chibuzo Kariuki
  • Yoko
  • Roboctopus

Character Index

  1. My Superhero Academy Students
  2. Crisis of Infinite Reboots Students
  3. My Superhero University Students
  4. My Superhero City Heroes

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