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You know, when I started this, I tried to create a bright and cheery little RP. An idealistic setting that represented a world where Superheroes had a positive impact.
the fuck did I go wrong
-The Apex Creator of the Whole Verse

My Superhero Sagas is a series of Play By Post games started on TV Tropes in February 2018 by kkhohoho. It is a Superhero / Cape Punk story starring the colorful students of Saint Academy, later Saint University. The school is open to all who want to better control their powers or learn how to be a hero.

Below, find the links to the:

  • First Saga: Where the new heroes first begin the academy and we find out this isn't a classic Iron Age hero story.
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  • The Second Saga: where the heroes begin to have an impact on the world. For the worse. Occasionally for the better.
  • The Third Saga: The Darkest Hour note 
  • The Fourth Saga
  • The Discussion Thread For background information


Tropes - Beware Unmarked Spoilers

  • Beware the Superman: A major theme beginning in the Gaea War. The Gaea Propaganda Machine works well enough that self-doubt plagues many of the heroes in the use of their powers after and public trust never really recovers. And that's before an Anti-Human Alliance emerges to prove their mistrust right.
  • Can't Get Away with Nuthin': Particularly since the Gaea War in the second saga, any wrong the students do will be magnified and snowball into the apocalypse. So will any right for that matter.
  • Darkest Hour: MSU, the entire Third saga is this from the Characters Dropping Like Flies to the bad guys' winning streak, to civil society immediately collapsing after Saint's death and discrediting his whole set of ideals.
  • Deadly Training Area: A feature of the school. Predictably it goes haywire.
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  • Dysfunction Junction: Just... you'll see.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: It takes herculean efforts by the heroes in each saga just to keep things from getting too much worse too soon. Maybe they get themselves a breather before the world tumbles downhill again.
  • Enemy Within: Show up every year and tend to show out at the worst times.
  • Five-Man Band: After the first year, only the IW really fit the structure.
  • Gotta Rescue Them All: One of Saint's ideals. One of Martin's as well. It nearly gets the latter killed.
  • Heroic BSoD: Happens to a lot of the potential heroes.
  • Heroic Fatigue: A major issue in the background. In fact the fatigue seems to select for the bloodknights and the like to endure, while the more Saint-approved heroes drop out under the strain.
  • Myth Arc: The rp is ultimately about the characters maturing as potential hero material (or not). The story is so character driven that the story arcs are better set around character growth than plot elements. Many, many potential heroes wash out. The group lost 88% of the first year students and 55% of the second years by one estimate.
  • Not Wearing Tights: The heroes rarely bother with code names and costumes are changeable.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Between the staff secrets in the first saga, Saint Academy's awful media outreach in the second saga, and student secrets in the third saga, poor communications skills really help the group downhill.
  • Superheroes Stay Single: So far no Cartwright Curse, though the first saga only had one major couple. This was increasingly averted starting in the second saga.
  • Terminally Dependent Society: It turns out, the whole peace of the post-super revealed world (or at least the USA) depended entirely on Saint and his reputation. A few bad news cycles and purists had emerged along with supremacist groups for every ancestry. And both immediately went for each others' throats and the throats of anyone caught in the middle. And then Saint died...
  • There Are No Global Consequences: Oh so averted. Saint's order has collapsed and the USA is mired in post-2016 style politics In Spite of a Nail by the third saga.
  • There Are No Therapists: There is a therapist. Her name is Laurie. Good luck dragging some of the heroes there.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: A source of tension. Saint adhered to the ideal note  as does about one prominent student. The media also act as if this should be a truism. Squad 3 especially though, see themselves as something akin to a SWAT or even special ops unit and do not hesitate to 'neutralize' foes.

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