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After the global alien invasion known as Maximum Destruction, it was decided that a team of superheroes would be needed as the face of Deviants across the world. Based in the USA, the team has included membership from people across the planet and beyond in order to fight against powerful villains over the years. Originally lead by Agent 42X, the team officially formed in November 2011, and has had several major roster changes since.


By the end of Summer 2014, all of the founding members of the team have left for various reasons.

    In General 
  • Evil Counterpart: The Dark Thunderforce, a team from an alternate reality made of evil versions of the founding members.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: At one point, the Thunder Force roster consisted of 27 heroes split up into 3 sub-teams.

    Active Members 
The current roster of the team.


ALTER EGO: Joe Hammond
The current leader of the Thunder Force. A master archer who was part of the original incarnation of Havoc Unit, until he signed on to join the Thunder Force in its second incarnation. After The Mighty American was critically injured, he took up the role of leader.


ALTER EGO: Marcia Anne Tallington
Formerly an agent of RAPTOR, she joined the Thunder Force via audition and is currently the de-facto second-in-command.

Mr Happy

ALTER EGO: Jeff Bracey
A down and out artist who sunk into severe depression after his father's murder. One night he was suddenly given power from the events of a dream to become Mr Happy, a character he created.


ALTER EGO: Roy Solomon
A young boy who slighted the trickster deity Ta Nak while on an expedition with his family. After being cursed as a raccoon for 8 years, he earned Ta Nak's blessing by sacrificing himself and was reborn as Ta Nak's successor.


ALTER EGO: Jaime Jones
The only human member of the Centauri League, an army of super-powered beings from across the universe, who returned home after hearing her planet was in danger.

Samantha Grey

A half demon who kept herself hidden from most of the world until she figured she could do more by joining the Thunder Force.


ALTER EGO: Kristina Griffin
While she was a high school cheerleader, she accidentally drank a potion which gave her superpowers. After gaining some experience she joined the team via audition.

Professor Goyle

A gargoyle monster from the realm of Elusia who deserted his home for the human realm. After some time as a professor, he joined the Thunder as the home started attacking the humans.


ALTER EGO: Fionna Williams
A powerful witch who joined the Thunder Force via audition as a means to redeem her dark past.

    Founding Members 
The original members of the team who, as of Summer 2015, have all left for a number of reasons.

Agent 42X

ALTER EGO: Jonathon Slade
One of the original members of the first Havoc Unit, he was called in by the US government and led the team until he was incarcerated for his extreme actions while trying to bring his arch-nemesis Syndrome to justice.


ALTER EGO: Oscar Wildaman
See Deviant Universe The Renegades.


ALTER EGO: Maurice Mason
See Deviant Universe The Renegades.


A character from the videogame Strumpet Combat who somehow punched her way into reality.

Vicky Velocity

ALTER EGO: Victoria Allen
A speedster who was on a continuous quest to find her missing father, who was a hero before her.

Empty Suit

ALTER EGO: Trent Argyle
An ex-TV news anchor who got cursed by voodoo magic. Unable to cure himself because of people who killed the witch who cursed him, he discovered his talent as a detective.


ALTER EGO: Kyle Canton
A Canadian superhero who gain power over electricity and wireless devices in a freak domestic lightning accident.


An AI that was created to protect people, but was corrupted by a dark version of himself from the future.

School Girl

ALTER EGO: Katherine DeKarlo
A descendant from a long line of genius adventurers who prides herself for being the expert on all things unusual.


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