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Characters / Deviant Universe The Renegades

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    In General 

    Active Members 
The current roster of the team.


ALTER EGO: Oscar Wildaman
The leader of the Renegades and ex-Thunderforce founder. He gained his powers after an expedition in Brazil led to him becoming a champion for Gaia: the spirit of Earth. After the Omega War, he began a quest to find the one responsible, but his search causes a schism in the Thunderforce that led to them breaking off permanently.

The Saint

ALTER EGO: Derrick Mason
The current second-in-command of the Renegades and Cross' older brother. He gained the powers of a holy warrior when Omega nearly destroyed the world

  • Magic Knight: While human, he has been known to fight up close as much as at range.
  • White Mage: When he is not in combat, he has a variety of healing and protection magics he can use on himself and others.

Xavier Spiers

A powerful demon who is trying to live his current incarnation as a hero.

Lizan Dossantos/Wrath

An ex-supervillain who has powerful telekinetic and telepathic skills. She joined the team along with her boyfriend Spiers.

Animal Boy

ALTER EGO: Ben Rogers
The son who two powerful superheroes who made his first public appearance as the lead operator of RAPTOR. He then joined the Thunderforce until he moved to Wildman's team.


    Recurring Characters 
These heroes have been involved in the activities of the Renegades to the point they are considered honorary members

Eris Modra

The last survivor of a race of aliens called Invaders, she has been on the path of self-discovery to learn more about herself. She is another ex-Thunderforce member who sided with Wildman.

The Lycanthrope

Leader of a secret organisation called the MPP, a peacekeeping force mostly made of non-humans. As a long-lived werewolf, he has extensive supernatural resources to assist his old friend Wildman.


The Roman Emperor who was murdered and came back, learning he had eternal youth. He was eventually discovered and captured by the US military, where he learned his destiny split down two paths. He chose to remain as he was to continue helping mankind.


A victim of genetic modification before he was born, he was raised to be a Living Weapon until he escaped. He has since been involved in a few missions with the Renegades.

    Disbanded Members 


ALTER EGO: Maurice Mason
Ex-Thunderforce founder and previously the second-in-command of the Renegades. Maurice gained his powers after bonding with an alien symbiote and has since dedicated his life to heroism, despite being known as a monster when he started out. When the Renegades was about to become official, it was discovered that he had been manipulating heroes and villains in order to steal highly dangerous technology. He has since gone rogue.

  • Body Horror: The times Cross has been seen mending lethal injuries has never been pleasant.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: His primary superpower. "Cross" is a persona he created with it, and he continues to make himself more powerful through it.


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