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Awesome Music / Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh

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  • The opening theme, "Dream Shift," is well known for being a hopeful tune for this "kids in giant robots" series. Incidentally, the voice actress of protagonist Jin, Rica Matsumoto, did her own version of the opening in 2014.
  • "Raijin-Oh, Kenzan!" is the perfect tune to signal the arrival of Earth's guardian. It even became the go-to BGM for Raijin-Oh's final move in the Super Robot Wars series, barring its first one.
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  • "God Raijin-Oh: Chou Muteki Gattai & Hissatsu-waza", aka the Eldoran series' "most epic BGM for the final robot's finishing move." And it's featured in the Super Robot Wars series, with the exception of its debut game.

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