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Since Yo Gabba Gabba! is a music oriented program, it has the best music yet — even those who are older will enjoy its hip, funky tunes.

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  • The theme song. Sure it starts out calm, but then DJ Lance shouts. "YO...GABBA GABBA!!!" and the music becomes bubbly and electronic as the Gabbas come to life.

    Season 1 
  • "Party in My Tummy". It's a funny upbeat rap that Brobee sings as he eats his lunch, and we get to see what the "party" is like.
  • "Danger", which has a sick techno beat.
  • "Don't Throw Things At Friends", and its parody "Don't Take It Away", both of which have an addictive synthetic rhythm. Even the viewer will want to follow along with the Gabbas' dance moves.
  • "Tell The Truth". The beat is quite sickening, all while telling the lesson not to lie.
  • "Hold Still", a fun song where the Gabbas try to shake their wiggles out. The version used in "Sleep" is good for kids to have fun before settling down for the day, while the "Move" version is a more active type.
  • "Don't Bite Your Friends". The beat is addictive, and anyone who listens to it will even follow along with the dance moves as well.

    Season 2 
  • "Big and Small" — the beat is quite sick and addictive as Brobee expresses his desire to be big.
  • "Don't Be/But I'm Scared Of The Dark". Sure the melody is ominous, but also funny.

    Season 3 
  • "Adventure", it's so much fun! Not to mention the 8-bit music throughout.
  • "Everything is More Fun". It's like it's come straight out of the disco age!

    Season 4 
  • "Stick Together" from "Shopping". It has a funky new wave beat, all set to shopping at the supermarket.
  • "Dinosaurs Are Really Really". The beat is quite addictive.
  • "Let's Be Awesome While We Wait" from "Restaurant". The Gabbas try to turn a mundane situation of waiting for their meals into an awesome funky musical number — all while singing their ideas. The chorus is to the same tune as "London Bridge".

    Live Shows 
  • The instrumental remix of "Try It, You'll Like It" right before the show begins is quite addictive, and the sound effects are mesmerizing.
  • The Gabbas singing "Santa Clause is Comin' To Town" during the holiday show, in the style of The Jackson 5. Brobee even gets to lead, and he pulls off a really great job at singing. He even hits a bunch of dangerously high notes, ones that not even a child can hit. Sadly, this song is not present in DVD releases due to copyright issues.
  • Toodee's rendition of "Every Snowflake's Different (Just Like You)" is great, and she gets to hit a lot of high notes as well.
  • The live version of "New Friends", with Leslie Hall in the place of Jack Black. She makes it even better than the show.
  • Every show ends with the Gabbas singing their "Goodbye Song" all while waving to the audience. Sure the mood is bittersweet, but it's also heartwarming as DJ Lance reminds everyone they will come back again soon.

Listening and dancing to music is...AWESOME!!!

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