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Awesome Music / Carmageddon

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  • Let's start with the elephant in the room; "Zero Signal" by Fear Factory is simply fantastically fitting for the game, as well as their other songs like "Demanufacture" and "Body Hammer".
  • Stainless hit the nail on the head with Reincarnation's soundtrack. Honourable mentions go to "Beast", "Revenge of Titanic", "Halls of Morgue", "Warning Signs", "Headkick", "Dave Unlimited", "Cuntaminate" and "Tugunska". All of these songs fit into Carmageddon's atmosphere perfectly, some of them even bringing back flashbacks to Fear Factory's original work in the first Carmageddon.
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  • "Landfall" by Maximum Sexy Pigeon. Those guitars are diabolical carnage and mayhem in pure song form.
  • "Refinery" is just absolute 9 minutes of pure eargasm!

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