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  • XSeed localized The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. An enormous game that no other company wanted to touch because of its giant script. And while it's slow, they are working on releasing the Second Chapter. Go XSeed!
    • The second chapter has finally been released: according to XSeed's editor Jessica Chavez, the game's script is 716,401 words long (the First Chapter itself having a script half as large). To give people a sense of scale: the Lord of the Rings trilogy is 455,125 words long, the english translation of War and Peace is 587,287 words long, and the King James' Version of the Bible is 783,137 words long: with the duology's script cloaking at over a million words, it is fair to say that XSeed completed a task of biblical proportions
  • Their translation of Story of Seasons (2014). Especially compared to the previous Story of Seasons games, the descriptions and dialogue are so lifelike. Characters feel more like people, item descriptions are much better, and festivals and competitions on the calendar have puns related to the subject of the event.