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  • Any episode where the team wins a battle that their side historically lost.
  • The whole battle of Stamford Bridge was an amazing display of force by the Eagers family, but particularly awesome was that Norse king Harald Hardråde, considered widely the greatest warrior of his time, was slain by the actions of ten-year old Mash Eagers.
  • The Battle of Teutoberg Forest, one of the games that ended in a victory for the players. The team of vicars turned out to be Badass Preachers after learning from their disastrous skirmish. Particularly, General Andy's leadership was impressive. One of the historians said of Andy that he was "born in the wrong century," while host Richard Hammond said after the battle, "I don't know if I'm pleased or slightly scared!"
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  • Special mention goes to the battle of Tigranocerta, where they pulled off a quick re-deploy that even the experts thought was impossible.
  • The Battle of Waterloo turned into a spectacularly close melee brawl between the opposing sides. To top it off, the British players' decision to use The Duke of Wellington into the brawl proves decisive.
  • At the Battle of the Trebia, the experts say that the contestants actually won a greater victory than Hannibal historically did. They even go so far as to state that if Hannibal had won such a crushing victory, he could very well have won the war then and there, or at least brought the Romans to the negotiating table.

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