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  • "I have come here to Chew Bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum."
  • The alien cop tells him "you know, you look as ugly to us as we do to you." To which he responds: "Impossible."
  • That fist fight. The five minute one where just as you think it's over, each of the combatants gets back their second wind... then their third... their fourth... their fifth...
    • John Carpenter points out that said fist fight took three weeks (!) to rehearse.
    • The only times Piper and Keith faked it were the face shots and groin hits.
  • Holly, the last person in the movie you'd expect, gets the drop on Nada, nailing him with a wine bottle and shoving him through her window, multiple stories to the ground.
  • Nada destroys the transmitter for the aliens' signal, and the last thing he does before dying is to give the aliens who just shot him the finger. Epic way to end the movie.
    • Some elaboration. At the climax of the movie, Nada is powerless. The aliens outnumber the human race but the sheer advancement of technology, most of the humans are already hypnotized, and most of the resistance (that we see) have been shot down, even if he did destroy the satellite, the aliens would probably just rebuild it again, that is, after they kill him, so in the end-as Holly tells Nada-shooting the satellite essentially won't do jack shit. So what does Nada do? As multiple helicopters circle him, he pulls another gun out, shoots Holly, and finally aims the gun at the satellite with his last words: "Fuck it."
  • The transition shot of Nada and Co walking out of the warehouse between the police driving into pursuit. The extreme close-up of Nada is one of the best transition shots.

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