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Awesome / The Wolf of Wall Street

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  • Jordan's first wife berating and slapping the shit out of him when she finds him having sex with Naomi. It's extremely cathartic and is the first (and unfortunately last) time Jordan feels any guilt over his actions.
  • When we’re introduced to Jean-Jacques Saurel, after a ton of small talk we get Jordan’s usual smug internal monologue but then we get Jean responding to him with his own, while giving a look that clearly gets the message across to Jordan.
    Jordan: (Narrating, losing patience) What I'm asking, you Swiss dick, is "Are you going to fuck me over?"
    Saurel: (Also narrating, smug) I understand perfectly, you American shit.
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  • At the end of the film when Denham and his men arrest Jordan while he's in the middle of filming an infomercial and Jordan keeps yelling at them.
    Denham: Hey Jordan, let me give you a little legal advice: shut the fuck up!


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