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Awesome / The Rithmatist

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  • During the confrontation with The Scribbler, Professor Fitch (who has already been shown to be a poor dueler due to his nerves and conflict-averse nature) takes on an army of wild Chalklings and the Scribbler himself, and is instrumental in defeating him.
  • In the final chapter, Joel, a boy with no Rithmatic power whatsoever, and Melody, a girl who can't draw a decent defensive circle without a diagram to trace, compete in the annual Melee, a competition which pits them against the top students of every other teacher in the school, including a dozen students of Professor Nalizar, who start the duel by completely surrounding them. Between Joel's excellent plotting and strategic skills and Melody's expertise in creating Chalklings and tracing over other people's diagrams, they win.

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