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  • In "The Prow Beast" Orm and the gang comes across a group of Bearcoats who have been pursuing them. Before the fight, they size eachother up by announcing the name of their clans and their deeds. Thorbrannd, the leader of the Bearcoats asks for the same from the Oathsworn except for Botolf, saying:
    ''You can be the last one to die one-leg, for you are a cripple."
    • After this they fight until Thorbrannd is the only one left standing of the Bearcoats. So Botolf PICKS HIM UP over his head and brings him down, back first over his wooden leg, Pro Wrestling-style:
    ''I am Botolf, by-named Ymir, the strongest of the Oathsworn. So, now you know."
  • In "The Wolf Sea" after a particulary long and bloody fight with a group of rivalling Vikings, Jarl Brand simply marches straight in and kills the leader with one slash of his sword.
  • In-universe example: Finn apparently once caused a Shield-wall to scatter and run, by walking towards it at a regular pace. He claims that it was because of his "ale-breath".

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