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Awesome / The New Legends Of Monkey

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  • When Tripitaka discovers that the demon who stole Monkey's crown is sitting in the tavern she's now working in, she quickly comes up with a plan to send him to sleep before she steals the crown from him. She then manages to evade capture (with aid from a monk she'd helped earlier in the episode), escape the town and free the Monkey King.
  • Monkey's entrance. He bursts out of the mountain, strides right up to the Font Demon, laughs off the demon's attempts to intimidate him, and gives a pretty epic Badass Boast.
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  • During a fight, Monkey throws his drink into the air, punches two mercenaries and knocks them aside, and then catches the cup and drinks from it without missing a beat.
  • Monkey's angry Curb-Stomp Battle against the demons at the end of episode six.
  • Gwen has been living in the same forest as the Forest Kin, for centuries. Keep in mind that the Forest Kin are so deadly that even powerful demons like the Shaman fear them.
  • At the end of episode nine, Tripitaka steals the last page of the translation and attempts to escape. While she ends up dropping the page during a confrontation with Davari, she manages to get away from him and avoid capture.
  • The resistance manages to give Tripitaka a lock of God's hair so she can use it to control the font demons. Cue her leading them into battle against the other demons, right when Monkey and Pigsy needed help.
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  • The Shaman pushes Tripitaka off a balcony, and Monkey jumps after her. This leads to him finally being able to summon his cloud.

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