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  • An EIA team on Proxima had the mission to destroy the Minbari main communication post, and was equipped with lots of explosive, a BFG for sniping and a radio capable to penetrate Minbari frequencies. They used the radio to dupe the main artillery park into disintegrate the communication post and an orbiting warship into glassing the artillery park, and used the explosive and the BFG for an ambush before joining the troops.
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  • The battle between First Army and Leklann's forces is this for both sides. For the Minbari because they pressed on in spite of the sheer volume of fire coming from First Army, and for First Army because they ultimately defeated the Minbari.
  • The Radvedchik Regiment (special forces, specialized in deep recon) sent a team to spy Leklann's briefings and orders by standing behind him all the time and then, once he wasn't valuable anymore, kill him. The team spied all the orders, discovered where the Minbari worlds were, reported it all and then almost kidnapped Leklann, and failed to run away with him only because Neroon, by sheer luck and survival instinct, had managed to see them as they were extracted and shot Leklann as he was being carried on the escape vehicle.

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