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  • A hastily collected team of Shocker, Ms. Marvel, Thor, Spider-Man and Hydro-Man taking on a zombified and possessed Hulk and win! They ultimately prevail using not brute force, but teamwork and a very clever take on the classic idea of destroying a zombie's brain that Shocker thinks up: Hydro-Man flows into Hulk's head through his mouth, nose and ears, and then crushes his brain with water pressure. The entire fight is just sheer awesomeness in text form.
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  • From the fight mentioned above, when the Shocker takes on Zombie Hulk on his own when separated from his new allies and being very badly injured. Sure he gets the crap beaten out of him, but he gives his enemy a good fight, annoying him as much as Thor and Ms. Marvel.
  • Ares dual-wielding Vulcan miniguns (just one of which is nearly too large for a normal man to wield) to mow down a horde of zombies, assisted by SHIELD agents, with Ms Marvel bracing him against the recoil.
  • Whenever Shocker fights a supervillain, particularly against Electro even more so in the fights against an undead and stronger Electro.
  • The Punisher is walking awesome in this fic. He makes his debut by killing Vulture and then managing to fight off a fifty-ghoul mob single-handedly.
    • Thor immediately gets one by managing to save Shocker and throw him in the West River.
  • When Grim Reaper manages to truss Punisher up and bleed him almost dry, Punisher manages to escape once and gouge out Black Talon's eye. They watch him much more carefully after this.
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  • Dormammu versus an army of heroes and villains in Central Park. He may be as tall as skyscrapers and far more powerful, but they fight on against him regardless, eventually forcing him back through a portal. Ares directing allies to attack and trip him up is a particular highlight.
  • Shocker vs undead Electro with the help of Thor. Five words: electric explosion in the lake.
  • Electro's final defeat at the hands of Ms Marvel, whose power set includes super-strength, flight... and energy absorbion and redirection.
  • Shocker putting down the zombie threat with the Darkhold, using Einstein's theory of inertia.


In Transistor

  • Ares versus Ironclad, then delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to him and later killing Vector.
  • The Shocker leaps over a barricade and risks his life to run into a zombie-infested house because he heard a woman and infant screaming.
  • The Shocker becoming the Avenger's resident expert on controlled demolitions, complete with giving a lecture on structual integrity to a class that includes Spider-Man.
  • Shocker displaying his tactical prowess against a load of zombies shows how he's taken a level in badass. While the new zombies become too smart for it, give him the credit for the effort.
  • According to an AIM prisoner, there's two containers full of zombies that are set to be opened at 9 pm sharp, with the stated goal of flooding a nearby residential street with ghouls. Shocker hotwires a Mustang convertible, manages to make it to the street by 8:59 pm, and stops the zombies from getting loose by hitting the gas, turning the wheel into a power slide, and slamming the Mustang broadside into the containers, blocking their main doors.
  • The priest decking Griffin.
  • The Shocker taking on a horde of zombies and Dragon Man when trapped on his own in The Bar With No Name by creating napalm and molotov cocktails from ingredients at hand, then strategically deploying them for maximum damage.
  • The Shocker actually winning against Ares, the freaking God of War, in an epic fight in Universal Studios. Though most of the fight involves Shocker just desperately trying to avoid being horribly killed, he pulls some incredible moves.
    • Shattering Ares' axe with his vibro-blasters.
    • Using his architectural knowledge to shatter concrete and bury his foe.
    • Creating a trap by placing a gas canister in an animatronic robot of Jaws, using his power pack to temporarily power the ride, then bluffing Arcade into sending Ares onto the pressure plate to detonate it with a spark.
    • Beating Ares unconscious with level-4 blast assisted punches.

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