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Awesome / Once More with Feeling

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  • Shinji calling his father out twice. The first of them when his father planned goading him into piloting Unit-01 for -what Gendo believed- first time. And the second when Shinji walked into his office and communicated him what he was piloting ON HIS TERMS, and he also demanded a prize for risking his neck (all the while trying not showing he was still frightened of his father).
  • Asuka and Shinji fighting Gaghiel in Unit-02. They are losing because Shinji can not focusing properly, when he thinks of reminding Kyoko her daughter is about to die. Instantly Unit-02 goes berserker and easily opens Gaghiel's jaws. Asuka and Unit-02 reached perfect synchronization right then.
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  • The race of the Three Children in Chapter 16.
  • Meta Example: The fact that Chapter 17 EXISTS is a He's Back moment of a monumental scale. Remember, the last chapter had come out four years ago, and the last snippet of a chapter had come out two years prior. There was no prewarning, and many had thought it had gone the way of most fanfiction... then Chapter 17 came out.

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