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Tear Jerker / Once More with Feeling

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Tear-jerker moments in Once More with Feeling:

  • Shinji can not give himself a break. He feels extremely morally obliged to help everyone and make everyone happy. Misato does not understand it why she does not know about he regards himself as the cowardly wimp whose actions and inaction killed everyone, and he feels inmensely guilty about it. He thinks of Asuka and he remembers how he betrayed the only girl he had loved and let him die shortly after masturbating over her comatose body. He thinks of Kaworu and he remembers how he wasted the sacrifice of the person had loved him despite of himself. He thinks of Rei and sees himself abandoning her in her hour of greatest need. He thinks of Misato and remembers how she got killed because he was busy wallowing in self-pity. And so on. Guilt eats him alive.


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