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  • If you photograph Ho-Oh in the volcano stage and manage to make its 3 dropped feathers glow, it will come down in front of you and roar, briefly surrounding itself with a rainbow.
  • In the same level, there are two Charmander in a lava pit. Orb them while they face each other and then knock down the Graveler clinging to the wall above them. Charizard will emerge from the pit and wreath itself in flames.
  • Another Charmander is cornered by an Archeops. If you send an Illumina Orb its way, it will send the Archeops packing with a flamethrower.
  • In the Park and Beach at night, you can watch a couple of Pokemon battles in action — Friendly Rivals Pinsir and Heracross will meet to have a sparring session, while Seviper and Zangoose will clash in another installment of their species' endless feud.
  • All of the Illumina Spots, just because the Illumina Pokémon look gorgeous when they get lit up; but each Illumina Spot also has its unique awesome moments.
    • Your second time through the Florio Nature Park spot, Meganium will most likely stop and take a look at the nearby cliff. On this vast flower field, you might or might not be surprised to see a Shaymin perched up there on the cliff.
    • Elsewhere Forest's spot has a Milotic swimming through the lake in all its gorgeous glory. Lure it to the surface, maybe provoke it to action with a couple more Illumina orbs, and it'll create a massive Twister and leap into the air.
    • The Lental Seafloor spot has an absolutely massive school of Solo Form Wishiwashi swimming about. Hit enough of them with Illumina orbs, and they'll swim away into the darkness... and come back in School Form, showing you firsthand just why these guys are more feared than Gyarados.
    • Fireflow Volcano's spot has two Volcarona as its Illumina Pokémon. Get them both lit up at once, and they'll fly a duet in the volcano's basin.
    • Outaway Cave's spot has a Steelix. An absolutely massive Steelix, jumping in and out of holes scattered along the walls and floor of the cave. A veteran Pokémon Ranger will be having flashbacks.
    • And finally, the Ruins of Remembrance. You warp in with the NEO-ONE, and... there's a tree. No leaves, just branches. Kalos natives immediately know what's going on even before the light of the other Illumina Pokémon flies in, and flash. Xerneas is here, the Life Pokémon soaring about in an inspired recreation of Mew's Rainbow Cloud from the original Snap.
  • The Barren Badlands:
    • During the day, taking the alternate route will let you see a Tepig being scared to jump a ledge, which you can easily encourage it to do by throwing an Illumina Orb. A bit later on, this same Tepig will face an even greater gap, but with a well-aimed Illumina Orb, it does a running start and makes the huge leap to the other side.
    • At night, you can wake up the True Companions sleeping together before a Mandibuzz can attack them. Using an illumina Orb on Rockruff will make it howl her off.
    • The fight with Zeraora and Tyranitar at Night Level 2 is incredible. After waking up Zeraora and Tyranitar, the latter will cause a sandstorm, which the Thunderclap Pokémon will jump in and stop with a heroic landing. The fight later escalates after Zeraora activates it's alternate form and defeats Tyranitar with an electric claw swipe.