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Unmarked spoilers below.

  • In Maricopia Reef, a Squirtle is chased by an angry Sharpedo. At the end, Squirtle hides behind Lapras, and Lapras yells at Sharpedo to go away. Sharpedo flees in a panic, and Lapras happily swims away — with Squirtle joyfully riding it in victory!
  • You can spot two Clawitzer having a Water Gun shootout. Throw an Illumina orb at one of them, and it will fire a bigger attack that scares the other Clawitzer away. The remaining Clawitzer does a Victory Pose. On the level 3 course, it recognizes you and picks a fight with a school of Qwilfish while waiting for you to empower it each time. (Though considering the Luvdisc, it may be justified.)
  • You can see an Octillery on an island with a Seviper in Maricopia Reef at night, covering its eyes while Seviper intimidates it. Throw an Illumina orb at the flower next to them and light it, and Octillery will fire ink and send Seviper flying into the water.
    • You can also just throw a Fluffruit at Seviper, which makes it jump away into the water and slink-swim out of view. Seviper looks funny doing this. Meanwhile, Octillery celebrates happily!
  • In Maricopia Reef at night, you can lure a Crabrawler over to a Sandygast. Crabrawler will be put under Hypnosis and will throw sand at Sandygast to make it bigger and bigger.
  • Near the end of Maricopia Reef, a Corsola is seen being hunted by three Mareanie, which grows after Corsola runs into a couple more in horror. Taking a picture of this and showing it to Professor Mirror will have him confuse this for them all playing a friendly game of tag.
    • Professor Mirror treats all apparent predator-prey interactions glibly. According to him the Sharpedo above is also supposedly playing tag with Squirtle, even though its jaws are wide open and the nearby Squirtle and Lapras look upset. A Wingull carrying away a Finneon or a Pidgeot carrying away a Magikarp is said to be only that, with no explanation of why they were taken. note  Even the pre-generated captions on saved photos insist that some of these are innocent interactions, labeling the chasing pairs with "tag, you're it!".
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    • Similarly, knocking out a Morelull in Founja Jungle, then taking a picture of it, will have Professor Mirror call it "Nighty Night."
  • In Founja Jungle, if you get behind the waterfall during the day, you can catch a Sobble playing with a Leafeon. Throw a Fluffruit at it, and Sobble will break into a crying fit, expelling mist everywhere that also makes Leafeon cry. Snap a picture of Leafeon and Sobble crying, and Mirror remarks not even Leafeon can avoid crying in Sobble’s presence.
  • In Blushing Beach, you can lure a Crabrawler over to a sleeping Exeggutor, which it will mistake for a tree and use as a makeshift punching bag. Briefly. At the end of the stage, the Crabrawler is still being chased by the angry Exeggutor.
  • In Fireflow Volcano, if you toss a Fluffruit to Slugma, it'll try to eat it only for the fruit to spontaneously combust in its mouth. The look of disappointment on Slugma's face is priceless.
  • In the evening version of Maricopia Reef, throw enough Illumina orbs at a whirlpool, and out comes a Blastoise, shooting its way out of the area with two blasts of water from its legs. Seems like Blastoise took a couple lessons from Gamera.
    • As a bonus, you can knock a Squirtle into the whirlpool first so that it ends up riding on top of the Blastoise upon emerging!
  • In the Research Camp, if you hit Trubbish with a fluffruit, it will Poison Gas Eevee right in the face, with the resulting photo of Eevee being captioned "Ugh!".
  • Your first time in the Lental Seafloor, Wailmer will swim up to Octillery and blow a stream of bubbles in her face. Octillery flees, and Mirror says Wailmer's just playing pranks. Later research levels will have the same Wailmer send a Pyukumuku flying from the force of it and even get right up to the player to bellow.
  • Todd's response to completing his Bewear quest will have him shocked that you provoked Bewear after he warned you against doing that. For good reason, too — make it mad enough and it'll start chasing you (possibly with friends!), forcing the NEO-ONE to book it to the next segment of the forest or even out of the stage entirely. The big tree will only stop it for a couple of seconds.
  • Some fun photos in Sweltering Sands involve letting the sandstorm grab Skorupi or Cacnea and send them flying.
  • A few requests for the Ruins of Remembrance will ask for Pokemon taking a break from their duties — in particular, there's a Beeheeyem near the end amusingly levitating while sleeping.
  • Throw a few Fluffruit at the sleeping Arbok in Founja Jungle at night. It falls comically out of the tree like a cat rolling off a perch.
    • You can do the same with Weavile in Shiver Snowfields at night, which causes the normally graceful, agile Pokémon to drop helplessly from the tree and get itself stuck headfirst in the snow, its legs flailing around comedically as it lets out distressed, muffled cries. Taking a picture of Weavile in this state gets you a 4-star rating.
  • Octillery's way of getting out of dodge if something scares it.
  • When Todd and Phil first arrive, Phil is reminded that he has to give his research badge back to Todd after the expedition.
  • If you give a Fluffruit to Dodrio, it will toss it in the air to eat it. Sometimes, the head that's supposed to catch it misses, prompting the other two heads to chastise it.
  • Hit a Fluffruit at Qwilfish while it's puffed up and it'll deflate like a Jigglypuff being star KOed.
  • Give Midnight Form Lycanroc a Fluffruit — sometimes instead of eating it, it sniffs it and gently tosses it back to you.
  • Maricopia Reef has a lot of Pelipper swimming around near the end. Toss a Fluffruit at one and watch its reaction causing the Pyukumuku in its beak to go flying back into the ocean. Todd even has a request relating to this. Throw an Illumina Orb at it and the Pyukumuku does a Victory Pose instead.
  • If you get a Finneon to leap up at the beginning of Maricopia Reef (Day), a nearby Wingull will snatch it up by the tail. They're about the same size, so the gull is visibly struggling to carry it off.
  • You can lure a bunch of Charmander out at the end of Fireflow Volcano. Play music and they’ll all start dancing in a ring, and then a Charizard will land in the middle of the ring.
  • If you scare Leafeon into the swamp where Swampert is sitting with only its crests showing, Swampert will pop up and start splashing with Leafeon.
  • In one possible outcome of Maricopia Islands' Illumina Spot, a Wailord shows up to chase the school of Wishiwashi, then promptly swims away in the opposite direction while pursued by their School Form.
  • By luring Meowth to Sudowoodo if you've triggered its interaction with Rattata, it will use the tree-like Pokémon as a scratching post.
    • This gets better when you remember that Sudowoodo's only superficially tree-like, and that it's actually a Rock-type. Worst scratching post ever.
  • When you trigger Morelull's main 4 star scenario, you may be surprised to find the quartet you've likely taken a picture of have put Mew to sleep with their spores (since they share a similar scenario flag)!
  • The Sigilyph in the interior of the Ruins of Remembrance will go nuts and start firing lasers at the slightest provocation — throwing fruit, getting too close, waking them up — you name it.
  • In Mightywide River, throwing an Illumina Orb at the bubbling portion of the water near the beginning will cause a Magikarp to jump out. You'll later find that same Magikarp stuck in a tree near where you find a Psyduck being chased by three Aipom. If you knock the Magikarp out with a Fluffruit, it can potentially hit Psyduck on the head. If this happens, Psyduck will scare the Aipom away with one of its trademark headache-induced bursts of psychic power!
    • At Research Level 3, Psyduck will use its power to send the Aipom running once again, only for an Ursaring to show up and scare the bejeezus out of it, causing it to flee again.
  • The description of the August 3 update on the Switch's news app provides a brief summary of what to expect, or as they put it, "a quick snapshot". The funny part is that there's actually an asterisk attached to the word "snapshot", and the associated footnote reads, "Yes, that's a camera pun. It's best not to focus on it..."
  • One of the Secret Side Path requests involves waking up a Snorlax in the alternate path, and then throwing an Illumina Orb at it in the ending field. It will rush right up to you from its side of the field at a speed that certainly defies what its species is known for.
  • In the Secret Side Path during the day, Dodrio is sent packing by Torterra. Later on, in the flower fields at the end, it can be seen sneaking past a sleeping Torterra and then breaking into a full sprint once it gets past. The Torterra doesn’t even wake up from this.
  • It is possible in Barren Badlands to see a Tepig, a Torchic, and a Shinx dancing across a rock bridge. They'll also play hide-and-seek with you in the holes at the end of the Night version of the stage.
  • An Onix in Barren Badlands is actually camera-shy and will only jump between the holes in the canyon walls if you're not looking. Otherwise, it will pop out, stare at you in concern, and hide itself again.
  • If you took a pic of every Diglett in Badlands Night, three of them can show up together in a formation resembling its evolution Dugtrio at the end. Mirror briefly wonders why they have three heads as if it was just one Diglett, while the default caption reads "Dig...trio?".