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  • Many of the fight scenes showcase Y.K. Kim's skills as a Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster as well as how well he taught his students who played his friends. One of the first things he does in the first brawl is take out two guys with a single flying spin kick. Bill Corbett in the Rifftrax commentary even took a moment to compliment that move.
    • Speaking of the Rifftrax, Kim took his movie being riffed with good humor, even attending a live screening. The Riffers thank him for being a good sport before the movie begins.
  • The chef that ran his kitchen. At first he had problems with a gang who proceed to assault him and insult his food. Then he made them pay with blood by beating them all up, alone.
  • One for YK Kim (yes, really): despite having zero actual film-making training or experience, Kim put together a technically decent movie.
  • Mark and John proceed to slaughter every ninja in the vicinity after Jim is mortally wounded by them.
    • John's best moment during that fight is when it looks like he's about to clash swords with a ninja, only to slice through both the ninja's sword and face!

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