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Awesome / Manchester Lost

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  • Jesus manages to get Adam to help just by being nice about it.
  • Crowley PUNCHED Lucifer in the face. Wow...
    • Admittedly this leads to something of an Oh, Crap! moment later when he is talking to God at the end and it sinks in.
  • An overwelming army of demons that crawled through a portal from Downstairs, complete with Lucifer on the offensive, is defeated by music by Journey sang by Archangels. It truly was The Power of Rock.
  • War, protecting a portal from Earth to hell. With her fists. Mind you, she is the personification of war itself.
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  • Aziraphale landing the killing blow on Beelzebub via spontaneous sort-of-demonic combustion and a burning sword.
  • This conversation, prior to the Fall, about baby Aziraphale.
    Raphael to Lucifer: "And I know you have a very strong fondness for... er... sharp, pointy things, and so help me Light-Bringer but if you don't let me keep this child I will mount your immortal head on one of those sharp pointy things outside my office as a reminder to everyone that even though I am the Healer I am not a pansy!"

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