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Awesome / John Tucker Must Die

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  • A lot of scenes of John shooting hoops also counts.
  • Scott giving Kate a What the Hell, Hero? speech. It did seem kind of harsh, but it showed that Kate really was Becoming the Mask. It also motivates Kate to set things straight.
  • At John's birthday party, Kate confesses to teaming up with Heather, Beth, and Carrie to planning on breaking his heart. She also admits to pretending to be someone she's not, and shows her true colors. It takes a lot of bravery to do that.
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  • Beth, Heather and Carrie defending Kate after the guys throw water at the latter. Even though it just ends with them getting splashed with water, it's still pretty awesome, and it shows that they really were Kate's true friends.
  • John defending Kate and admitting that he is wrong for lying to get girls, even though it just ends with the guys trying to praise his actions instead.
  • Kate throwing a piece of cake at John Tucker.
  • The food fight at the end.


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