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Awesome / Joan of Arcadia

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  • Joan telling off the cheerleaders who never realized their friend was pregnant, and abandoned her when she got arrested for abandoning the baby.
    Go, Eagles! Go, Eagles! Go, go, go, Eagles! We live to cheer, we're so sincere! Unless you get in trouble, then we're outta here! 'Cause it's such a royal pain when a friend gets arrested! How could I have known? How could I have guessed it? It's not like she's my sister - Whoops, is that my beeper? And even if she was am I my sister's keeper? Sorry, gotta go, tryouts are today! Tell her we'll think of her every time we say "Go, Eagles! Go, Eagles! Go, go, go, Eagles!" My name is Joan, this cheer is my own, so kiss my feather's cause this bird has flown.
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  • The debate speech to Grace:
    Joan: And what's it about for you, Grace? Your idea of freedom is a world where everybody agrees with you.
    Grace: You believe in this crap?
    Joan: I don't know what I believe. I know Ramsey came in here with a gun. I know people could've died. You, me. You said I think like this because my father's a cop. Like that's bad? Yeah, my dad is a cop and you may think that makes him some kind of pig, but he deals with those guns every day. This is not some political thing for him; this is reality. He's had them pointed at him and shoved in his face, and that makes it real for me too because every time I hear the cops are someplace and shots are fired, I wonder if I'm ever gonna see my father again! I don't think we should have to, like, live in some prison. That sucks, but I do know we have to deal with this. We have to work something out. Even if it's not what we started believing in the first place. I know I'm mouthing off, Mr. Enfield, and I can't cite some report to back up my theories. This is just how I feel.
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  • The series finale with Joan deciding to take on Ryan, with the determined look on her face as Bruce Springsteen plays in the background.
    "I have a slight advantage. I have God on my side."