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Awesome / John Doe

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  • John flying after, and catching a criminal, useing a hanglider.
  • John's expression when he said "I know Kung-Fu".
  • John and Avery where both awesome in "Doe or Die".
  • Digger owns his own Speed-boat.
  • In the finale, the Trenchcoat Man is captured, and Clarkson suggests that he an John work together to get some answers. John, sick and tired of being an unwitting pawn to a vast conspiracy he doesn't even understand, turns to Clarkson and tells him everything about Clarkson's life and family, and makes it very clear to him that if he chooses to screw John over, John knows enough about him to make his life very unpleasant. It's darkly awesome moment, where we see just how dangerous John can be if pushed.