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Awesome / Holiday Vacation

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  • In Chapter 5, Konata singing God Knows with the cosplay cafe's band. It got everyone on their feet and dancing to the beat, while at the same time, moving Kagami to tears.
  • Konata and Kagami giving a couple of teenage boys who shot at them with a paintball gun their just desserts by giving them a well deserved beating (before realizing it was only red paint, Kagami was scared that an actual bullet had struck Konata). The frightened hooligans end up begging the cops to save their sorry asses from the girls' onslaught, much to the cops' amusement.
    • Even better, there was a crowd of about 15-20 people in front of the train station who saw what happened. After the cops left, the crowd cheered and applauded for the girls.

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