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Holiday Vacation has no shortage of heartwarming moments. For instance:

  • Kagami demonstrates her devotion to Konata in Chapter 2 when she comes very close to punching Misao for speaking ill of her. Fortunately, the situation is quickly diffused after Misao apologizes.
    • Overall, Konata and Kagami act much more civil with each other. For one thing, Kagami has lost a lot of her Tsundere tendencies, and Konata actually does her most of her own homework now instead of copying Kagami's. Also different is the fact that Konata doesn't seem to pull all-nighters anymore, and she even gave blood at a Japanese Red Cross blood drive at the Hiiragi family's shrine (though she almost passed out after standing up too fast). Naturally, though, some things haven't changed, such as Konata managing to shanghai Kagami into going to Comiket again (referencing the famous scene in Episode 12 of the anime in which Kagami finds some yaoi manga and gets freaked out, and Tsukasa getting lost).
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  • In Chapter 4, Yutaka's friends personally come over to the house to visit her. You see, she had come down with a nasty virus (a potent combination of the common cold and influenza, as Miyuki puts it), and on that day her friends had planned a surprise 16th birthday party for her. So they eagerly moved the party to her house to cheer her up.
  • In Chapter 5, Konata dedicates her song to Kagami, who she calls her best friend in the whole universe.
  • In Chapter 9, Yutaka confesses to Minami, but immediately regrets doing so, thinking Minami hates her now. Fortunately for her, the latter was actually waiting for her to say that. Hugging and kissing ensues. In the next chapter, Minami rocks Yutaka to sleep in a rocking chair. Naturally, when news reaches Konata, Hiyori happens to be there, and she faints, since her manga is now accurate.
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  • In Chapter 11, as Konata and Kagami are singing karaoke, and mid-song, Tsukasa and Miyuki decide that they can no longer hide their true feelings, and confess to each other without warning.
  • In Chapter 13, Tsukasa staying with Miyuki as she undergoes laser eye surgery and taking care of her afterward.
    • Later, in Chapter 15, Miyuki returning the favor by taking care of Tsukasa, who is laid up with a broken ankle.

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