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Awesome / Faction Paradox

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  • Justine tricks a Sontaran warship into attacking Lolita.
  • Justine turns her timeship into an Eldritch Abomination with Combat Tentacles to drive off attacking British Servicemen.
  • Shuncucker declares "I am Faction Paradox!" Justine appears and says "That makes two of us."
  • The way Lolita took out the Eleven-Day Empire is truly impressive. First, she gets the Faction to sign a treaty to rejoin the Great Houses, with clauses saying that they both must surrender any criminals that have committed crimes against the other Houses, but allowing them to retain their own traditions and laws. Then it turns out that Justine is bonded to the Grandfather's shadow. Under House Paradox tradition, "the shadow is more important than the flesh" - whoever wields a shadow not his or her own becomes responsible for the acts of the original owner of the shadow. Grandfather Paradox was a massive criminal in the eyes of the other Houses. Therefore, if the Faction doesn't surrender Justine immediately to be tried for the Grandfather's crimes, they are guilty of breaking the law, and it is therefore within Lolita's rights to punish them. Which removes the protection the spirits would normally provide, enabling Lolita to ultimately devour the Eleven-Day Empire.
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  • D'Éon's appearance in the Protocols, in which she is played by a female actress — a downright rare occurence for a transgender character, particularly one from history and especially rare in a story written in the early 00's.

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