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The Meddling Monk is a member of Faction Paradox.
Wouldn't he just fit in perfectly?

The Could've Been King and his army of Meanwhiles and Never-wheres are Faction Paradox
Something mentioned off-hand and vaugely in the new series...possibly refering to Faction Paradox?
  • Meanwhiles and Neverweres. Easily possible, though, if they wanted to go that way, given how often the Faction intentionally set the other factions against each other throughout the War.

Faction Paradox comes from a Whoniverse Mirror Universe.
Grandfather Paradox's renegade behavior toward the Great Houses being a dark mirror of the Doctor's rejection of Gallifreyan society has been well analyzed, to the point of the Grandfather and other given characters being called expies of the 'originals'. If more than just expies, Faction Paradox could easily be expanded into the most chilling villains in the whole history of the series, considering just who the heroes would be facing: themselves (or at least the Doctor and Companions), as they "neverwere".

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