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  • In mid-2011, he put up a video entitled "My Little Pony: Communism Is Magic," a Youtube Poop featuring, among other things, clips from the pilot for an American kids' show. It was only up briefly—he was mobbed by the show's fans and detractors alike for using the clips at all. He later replaced it with "Hasbro Inc. Is My Dick," which replaced said footage with additional clips from foreign adverts. Not long after, he let fire a rapid volley of videos, some of the most bizarre, psychedelic stuff he'd released in a long time, all culminating in a silent film in which he plainly stated his opinion on said cartoon. And while it wasn't exactly positive, it was a very mature stance to take towards the show, especially since at the time, it and its fanbase were the talk of many a pointlessly-heated debate. The videos in question.
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  • "No Need For Earth Or Sky." While he's rapped before, on the hilarious "Asthmatic Balls" and "Dear Ladies," it's absolutely jawdropping to hear him rap in earnest about a completely serious subject.
  • "Dental Plan," an absolutely beautiful take on both the Stupid Statement Dance Mix and a well known Overly Long Gag.

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