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Tear Jerker / Chriddof

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  • Alienating Eyes. It's a surrealist piece of writing that's emblematic of just how strange Chriddof can be, but at the heart of it all, it's an emotional tale of secrets that were best left kept and questions that were better off unanswered. The dramatic reading does nothing to alleviate any of this.
  • We Kept Driving. Its tone, mood and pacing are markedly at odds with his signature style, and it feels very hopeless and bleak.
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  • Song By Heartbroken Woman Who Commits Suicide By Eating Poisoned Ice Cream. Both the song itself and, to a degree, the backstory.
  • "The End of Teletext." Written in response to the analogue-digital switchover in England, it reads like a cross between a solemn farewell and a condensed Apocalyptic Log.
  • "I Dance Alone," a throwback to the heydays of synthpop with lyrics that could easily have been quoted verbatim from a suicide note.

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